Coolest Homemade Sweet Pea Costume

My daughter couldn’t decide what she wanted to be this Halloween until one day I was eating peas in pasta at a restaurant and an idea came to me. I researched how to make a good Homemade Sweet Pea Costume online but I couldn’t find very much so had to come up with this costume on my own.

For this costume I made a green skirt and bought a green shirt. I cut Styrofoam balls in half, covered them with green felt and then attached them to the shirt with fabric glue. I made the cape with a hood out of soft,green, thin felt as well. On the top I attached a curly stem and leaf with a pipe cleaner.

This is one of the best costumes I have ever made for my daughter and I was proud to see her wear it on Halloween and get tons of compliments from every house. At school she won the best costume and she was so happy.

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