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Coolest Homemade Sushi Halloween Costume

This is my Homemade Sushi Halloween Costume from last year. It contains multiple parts so I will explain each one separately.

The Nori or outside wrap:
It is basically a large piece of cotton batting about 2 inches thick. I happened to find the perfect “seaweed” fabric to sew on the outside of the batting.

The roe (fish eggs):
These are wiffle balls covered in a shiny orangey-red fabric (my mom assisted me tremendously with the sewing). We sewed all of the roe onto a strip of fabric that I wore like a strap around my shoulder.

The tuna (or salmon) and avocado:
These are made of leftover batting that I either painted (avocado) or wrapped in light-weight pink meshy fabric

I stuck pieces of cotton on to my white shirt to look like rice and wore green gloves for wasabi. I also stuck in fake grass for a more authentic look. The hat was made from leftover materials.

My boyfriend went as a sushi chef.

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