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Coolest Homemade Sushi and Soy Couple Costume

This costume was a lot easier than expected, using inspiration from this site! Both homemade sushi and soy couple costumes were easy to slide on and off over our heads, and all stuck together with a glue gun.

For the soy sauce – two pieces of thick cardboard spray painted black, and the label printed from computer just using Google images and word and painted yellow and then some fabric on the shoulders and legs to hold it together. The hat was simply an a3 piece of foam folded in half lengthwise and glued at both corners and then spout cut out, super easy and effective.

For the sushi – again started with two pieces of thick cardboard. For the rice- pieces of foam that are used in boxes to protect items (cheap from a hardware shop). For the vegetables- foam cut jaggedly for lettuce and fringed for carrot. For the crabstick we used white cotton wool wrapped in foam, for the sheet egg we used a car-wash sponge. To finish off the sushi, we used a piece of black cardboard wrapped around and then cardboard across the shoulders and a garbage bag stuck to the edge on both sides. For seaweed earrings we used empty soy fish containers stuck to hooks.

You can’t have sushi without soy! That’s why we made these homemade sushi and soy couple costumes :-)

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