Coolest Homemade Surfer With Shark Costume

Dad and Mom were easy to do on this costume. I bought gym shorts and a whistle at Academy. We had the Lifeguard shirt screen printed on a trip to the beach. Add some sunscreen to the nose and flip flops and he was done. I bought the shark costume used on eBay. It had legs hanging out of the mouth so I removed them and sewed the mouth back.

For the future surfer I cut waves from poster board. To give them a foamy look I attached pillow stuffing with spray adhesive to the tops of the waves and then I sprayed them with spray wall texture. Our local Walgreens let me borrow a shopping cart. I attached the waves to the cart with twisty ties. The waves covered the whole cart in layers. I cut a surfboard shape out of foam board, decorated it with some designs and laid it on top of the cart.

I cut a hole over the sitting area of the cart where our little surfer sat wearing a bikini top. To the top of the surfboard I attached kids tights stuffed with pillow stuffing, wearing the matching bikini bottoms.

This was all very inexpensive. Between the three of us I spent less than $40. And we won the grand prize at our city carnival.

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