Coolest Homemade Superman and Wonder Woman Couples Halloween Costume

Last fall I talked my boyfriend into letting me dress him up in tights… But only if he got to be Super Man.

One month before Halloween we decided to be Wonder Woman and Superman, which of course led to one month of trips to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, hot glue gun burns and “PLEASE TRY THIS ON! Just one more time, I promise!”

I made the costumes from metallic blue, gold and red fabrics, craft foam, three colors of tulle, and some cheap blue leggings in size “Men” aka XXL.

I LOVED how they turned out and was so excited to show our friends. We stood out in every room (and not just because my tutu had a foot wide radius around me). People kept asking where we had gotten them, and I was proud to say that I had made these amazing costumes just like how my mom had made me crazy detailed costumes when I was little.

Making a Halloween costume is tradition, my mom made my sister and I Halloween costumes until we stopped going trick or treating. Buying a costume was never an option, it just wasn’t Halloween. We had the best costumes around from Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette to Glinda and Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.

It doesn’t matter if “It would be easier to just buy one…” or “At this point honey, it would be cheaper just to buy one” making Halloween costumes is tradition, it’s fun, and it lets you be creative and re-live those childhood memories of putting on a costume you were proud of.

I loved our “Super Couple” Costume, and I can’t wait for this year!