Coolest Homemade Super Grover Costume

This year all my friends decided to be Jim Henson characters for Halloween and my friend asked me to make him a homemade Super Grover costume. It was actually pretty easy to make, I found a free drawstring pants pattern online and made the pants with blue silky furry fleece material. For the top, I used one of my hoodies to draw the lines to follow when cutting the material for the top portion of Grover.

I lined the inside of the hoodie part with plain black fleece to make it more comfortable. For the eyes and Super Grover “G” I used felt, and the nose is a Styrofoam egg with pink felt glued on. The cape is red material I found on sale at the craft store, and gold yarn holds it on.

The material looks great, but it does get everywhere when you cut it, so make sure you have a working vacuum on hand for clean up. Hopefully it will be a chilly night because it is rather heavy material too!

Homemade Super Grover Costume

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