I was trying to come up with something creative to make my 11 month old daughter for Halloween. After endless searching on the internet I thought that a Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Baby Costume would be adorable. The costume was so easy and cost under ten dollars to make and she got so many compliments that I thought I would it share it with all of you.

I took a red dress that had a plaid bottom, and covered the bottom with red material and sewed it on to the dress. Then I took white material and cut out the shape of an apron. I sewed the apron to the dress. I then lined the apron with ribbon.

I took green fabric paint and drew the green diamonds along the bottom of the dress and painted a strawberry in the center of the diamonds. For the hat I took pink material and cut a strip about an inch and a half wide, and big enough to wrap around her head and attached Velcro to the ends to keep it on her head. The top of the hat was simply made out of a circular piece of material about 4 inches bigger than her head so that it would drape over to make it resemble a baker’s hat.

I then painted strawberries on the hat, and hot glued yarn to the front. That is all there was to it. I got a piece of red and pink material for around two dollars at Wal-Mart, and the yarn was around a dollar. The fabric paint was under two dollars a bottle.

This was a huge hit it was all done for less than ten dollars. I hope you enjoy it!!