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Coolest Homemade Steampunk Group Costume

This Steampunk Group Costume came from hours of labor, ingenuity, and creativity. The make up alone on me (the monster) took about 4 hours.

May I present, Dr. FrankenSTEAM, his Monster, and the Bride. My friends and I had this idea to use Steampunk & Frankenstein together. The great thing about Steampunk is that it is: the alternate reality of the Victorian/Edwardian age with modern technology. So, as you can see, it’s very primitive parts, like gears, gadgets, brass, leather, goggles, etc. made with the idea of modern technology, like robotic legs, portable electric lights lightning chest pieces, etc.

We took a lot of scrap aluminum, used wood for the monster legs, neon lights, air & water hoses, sprinkler parts, dry ice to create fog/steam, an old grandfather clock for the backbacks, gears from clocks, rubber kitchen gloves, barometer guages, and more to make a concoction of thousands of little details on all the costumes.

The monster (me), took the longest with the wooden stilts & the make up; the brain was made by rolling up toilet paper & weaving it back and forth & then pouring silicon latex over it & painting it to look like a brain. Just the make up test took 2 hours.

Overall we probably spent some good money and about 3 weeks of work on these costumes, but we love wearing them.

all lit up

Homemade Steampunk Group Costume

Performing Brain Surgery

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  1. I’m working on a concept of a steampunk costume for 2012 Otakon, and I stumbled across the stilts you made for one of your costumes. I’d like to incorporate a similar concept into my costume.

    That said, I’m curious, just how did you make those stilts? Could you provide a larger picture of them? If perhaps you could email me a response I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is wambacht@unlv.nevada,edu. Thank you for your time and attention.


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