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Coolest Homemade Star Wars Jawa Costume

The robe for my son’s Homemade Star Wars Jawa Costume started out being made with monk’s cloth and dyed brown with rit dye (which took forever). We had issues with the monk’s cloth so decided to go instead with a cotton wool mix that I did not have to dye.

The belts are from K-mart; they are route 66 adult brown leather belts. I wrapped his feet in the leftover monk’s cloth but that only lasted for about 15 minutes. The gloves are from Target; they are brown child-size garden gloves. The bag was made from the dyed monk’s cloth and put together using magic stitch (be warned, that cloth is really strong!)

For the ‘blaster’, we wanted to create the model from Star Wars: A New Hope. It is a wooden pirate musket fitted with 4″ PVC on the end, abraded with sand paper and then painted with flat black. We used silver to add some wear marks. The mask was originally a plain white party mask bought from a local hobby store. It was then painted with flat black and we added crushed velvet to the outside. For the eyes, we cut holes in the cheeks of the mask and inserted 2 LED bulbs, powered by watch batteries. On top of that are 2 glass rocks painted with amber stain glass paint.

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