Coolest Homemade Spooky Exorcist Halloween Costume

Hi! My name is Julie. I decided to try my hand at creating a spooky homemade costume for a Halloween party I was attending. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a good “Homemade Spooky Exorcist Halloween Costume ” …if I could pull one off.

I started out by purchasing a cheap nightgown from a local department store (try to get one that comes just below the knees). I took and old white t-shirt and ripped 4 long narrow strips to tie around both wrists and ankles. Remember, Linda Blair was tied to the bed during some of the really scary scenes. I purchased some Marilyn Manson contacts from an on-line store (they cost about $30 plus shipping). Now, obviously I could not find an “Exorcist” make-up kit. So, I purchased a latex forehead piece sold in a Dracula make-up kit. The kit contained white, black, and green make-up along with the forehead piece. I purchased stick-on lacerations in various sizes and some flesh colored moldable skin. My make-up was put on in the following order:

First, I attached the forehead piece (I had to trim it to fit the way I wanted). Next, I attached the lacerations to my face, neck, and wrists. Make sure you do not put any make-up on before attaching the lacerations or they will not stick. I used a photo of Linda Blair to get the placement of the lacerations just right. I then used the white makeup to cover my face, neck, arms, hands, and legs. Using the black make-up, I covered the area around my eyes. Then, I took some of my regular makeup and brushed it over my entire face to take away some of the harsh “clown-like” look of the white make-up. After I was satisfied with the look, I took the moldable skin and went around each laceration to give the look of deep cuts.

The teeth were left over from a pirate kit I purchased a few years back. Once I popped in the contacts…I scared myself.

Homemade Spooky Exorcist Halloween Costume