My son wanted to be Spongebob for Halloween and I thought it would be cute for his brother to be Patrick Star! I looked at lots of ideas online for Homemade Spongebob and Patrick Star Costumes and decided the easiest thing would be to buy some yellow and pink fleece and attempt to put something together.

I got out my sewing machine, which I have NO experience with and made basic shapes and simple pieces that I sewed (or hot glued) together later. I laid out large pieces of paper and traced my kids outlines for a pattern and to judge how much material I would need. It took a few weeks to make both costumes.

Spongebob, this guy was actually harder than Patrick. I found a large box and covered it with yellow felt using hot glue. I also used pieces of white, brown, and a little red for his eyes, mouth, shorts and shirt. I formed a nose out of yellow and stuffed it so it would stand out straight from Spongebobs face. Using light green acrylic paint I painted spots on Spongebobs yellow body for a sponge-like effect. We used markers to make blue and red lines on some socks. We added some brown pants and converse shoes to complete the costume.

Patrick Star was basically a large 5 pointed star, with limbs in 4 of the 5 points and a head in the other point. I made this all one piece, then cut a long strip along the back with Velcro to get in and out of it. I made the green shorts and hot glued on the purple flower shapes. I made the shorts drawstring. Purple spots gave Patrick’s body some depth. I added some purple “eyelids” above the face hole. I used separate pieces of fabric to make pink mittens then attached them to the hands. I left the fabric at the bottom open and longer so it would drape over my sons shoes.

I crochet, so I made Gary the snail and Plankton. I found the Plankton pattern online and made up the Gary pattern. They looked cool added to the kids’ costumes.

The boys loved their Halloween costumes and I got tons of compliments on my homemade attempts! It was fun to create a costume from scratch!