Cool Homemade Sponge Bob Square Pants Costume

My 5 yr old, Chandler, is obsessed with Spongebob! After searching all over for a Homemade Sponge Bob Square Pants Costume that resembled Spongebob (where the child’s head wasn’t sticking out of a box or flimsy cloth), I decided I would make my own. It ended up being a lot of fun, not to mention, a HUGE hit! He was the only Spongebob at school, and even out trick or treating.

I used a moving box and traced with a pencil the face and pants. With craft paints I then painted the pants, shirt, yellow body and green dots. I used paint markers ($4) to color in the face, belt and tie. With a box cutter, I cut out the mouth. I got a yard ($1) of the black cheese cloth material and hot glued it inside the mouth area (I doubled it so my son’s face wasn’t so noticeable inside).

I laid box on floor and had my son lie inside to mark where his shoulders would go. I used a hot glue gun to put in shoulders straps. I got a pair of my husband’s socks and painted the strips with a marker. It usually being chilly here I needed something that would hit over sweat pants, luckily it was nice out.

I found a butterfly net for the jellyfish net, he used to get candy at each door. He emptied it into another bag I carried.

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