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Coolest Homemade Spit Roast Costume

I tried to combine my two favourite pastimes: eating and dressing, and threw this costume spit roast costume together for 20 euros for a huge fancy dress competition that is held in a town in Ireland on the August bank holiday weekend every year. Competition is fierce and it is a big deal to win so I’m hoping!

My idea consisted of me dressing up as a pig and being the main part of a dinner feast. I made it look like i was a pig on a platter in the middle of a table set for four people with plates, cutlery and glasses. I made the table out of cardboard and held it up with a pair of my uncles braces. I then decorated the plates with pasta and sauce that I dried and stuck together with glue.

I think it came together fairly well and am really looking forward to seeing if everybody at the festival likes my idea.

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