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Coolest Homemade Spider Boy Costume

Our 3 year old grandson is first realizing what Halloween is all about. He decided he wanted to be a spider. I had seen one with green eyes and thought it made the costume more spooky. I found an old pumpkin costume and adapted that to be the body of the Homemade Spider Boy Costume. The body was made separate from the jumper portion for ease on dressing. There is Velcro on the shoulders.

It took me awhile to figure out how to add the spider’s legs. I connected the two bottom legs together using black elastic. To connect the second set of legs to the arms, I used the elastic and Velcro, so when they were traveling they could still put their coats on. I added extra fabric at the bottom of the hood in order for it to keep Brody’s neck warm throughout the night.

The sleeper was easy to make attaching Velcro where needed to make the arms go up and down. I used green buttons for the eyes and painted the black pupils on the button. He loved lifting up his arms and making the legs of the spider move.

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