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Coolest Homemade Speedy McQueen Toddler Costume Idea

My son was a Speedy McQueen fan for a very long time. It was obvious to him that the coming up Purim (the Jewish version of Halloween) he will dress up as the famous sports car. After searching the web looking for homemade Speedy McQueen toddler costume ideas and finding nothing that was suitable, I decided to give it a try.

I took red sheets of a material called sol in Hebrew, it looks like thin sheets of Styrofoam. Cut them in 4 pieces – the 2 sides, the front and the back. I left a place in the center, where the roof should be. I glued on the lights and stickers all around. Attached 2 ribbons on each side so that my son could “wear” the car like a tank top over his shoulders.

In order for the car to stay solid I added little bricks of sponges inside the car so that it would be light to carry, yet keep the shape of the car, and gave the option of sitting down if needed. My son was ecstatic the whole day “driving” his costume all over town.

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