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Cool Homemade Sock Monkey Costume

My son LOVES his sock monkey – we are on our third one in less than a year, so for Halloween I decided to turn him into his best friend, Homemade Sock Monkey Costume. I bought the fabric online, and after cutting out the pattern, sewed it to a pair of warm fleece pajamas.

For his mittens, I bought a pair of ladies socks, cut off the foot part, and sewed the opening closed into a mitten. I then used the scraps of those socks to make the monkey’s mouth on his hat, and the tip of his tail. For the hat, I bought a regular wool cap, stitched on the fabric, and then attached the mouth, (stuffed with fleece), the ears (felt covered by the sock monkey material), and the eyes (black buttons sewed onto white felt).

For the monkey’s feet, I put shoes and socks on my son, and then put another pair of ladies socks on over his shoes. Overall, this was a pretty cheap costume, although it took a lot of time and effort!

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