This is a Snow White Costume from the Movie Mirror Mirror.  I loved the costumes in this movie-every one of them was a winner. But I found myself drawn to Snow White’s wedding dress. Rather than being white and super fluffy, it was blue and orange. Being an ILLINI, I loved the color scheme. I used silk dupioni for the light blue over skirt and bodice, silk taffeta for the underskirt and sleeves. The back bow and lower sleeves are orange silk blend. I hand-smocked the front bodice using a honey-comb pattern. I pleated 28 yards of fabric to create the bottom border effect, and stenciled flowers all around.

Mostly I took my time. I did a lot of hand-sewing, to ease seams, create texture, and place things just right. I started with the smocking on the bodice, since I anticipated that would be the most complicated (it wasn’t). In fact, figuring out how to use the pleater foot attachment to my sewing machine was far more complicated than anything else.

I based the bodice on an off-the-shoulder wedding dress pattern from the 80s, but modified the sleeves, the lacing in the back, and the length of the bodice. The skirts, sleeves, and bow I just draped and modeled until they seemed right.

This is by far the most detailed costume I’ve ever made, but it was so worth the time and effort. It’s going to be a favorite for years, I’m sure.