Coolest Homemade Smurfs Group Halloween Costume

One day I figured to my self what can I be for Halloween that would work for me because I am so small. It dawned on me to be a Smurf (I am 4’10”). I asked my boyfriend who was a Smurf and a friend of mine to be baby Smurf (the bigger guy, he is wearing a diaper with big pins) join me in this adventure of a Homemade Smurfs Group Halloween Costume.

I looked around the house and I came to find a blanket big enough to make all the clothes needed for the costume. I also found some long john shirts and pants the correct color for the Smurfs. Once we had everything together I had realized that our faces and arms needed to be blue. So the one thing that I did have to buy was blue latex paint. Which topped off the costume because it was SOOO BLUE.

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