Coolest Homemade Smurfs Group Costume

We have seen a great variety of Smurf costumes but the best were those that used paint rather than material for the blue. Here is how we made our cool Smurfs Group Costume.

The key ingredient to this Homemade Smurfs Group Costume was liquid latex. We had to order it online and learned that one to two quarts would probably be enough for 4 people. We had a gallon and didn’t even use half. Three coats will give you the color you are looking for. We used a foam roller to apply. It peels off your skin rather easily so no worries there. We opted not to use it on our faces and instead used face paint.

We used scrub bottoms for pants (white for boys, red for Papa Smurf) and a friend’s mother made the hats out of felt. We couldn’t find a pattern but she was able to guess measurements. Smurfette used a tank top and skirt for her outfit. A tu-tu would probably suffice. We bought bootie slippers for the feet and made tails out of yarn.