Original Homemade Smurfette Costume

The year prior, I bought an Alice in Wonderland costume and, I have to admit, it was lame. So at the end of last year I started planning this year’s Homemade Smurfette Costume!

I bought the wig, hat and face paint at a store on the web called Jokeshop.co.uk. The wig was a little more green than yellow, but it worked out. I had to re-apply the face paint a few times on my neck because it was flaking. But it was water based, so it made it real easy to wash off of me and the places I touched!

The tights and full body shirt I got at WeLoveColors.com. The dress I got at Overstock, but it was hard to find a white dress during the fall. I believe this dress is more like “off white”. I had the shoes. I won second place at my work! It only took an hour or so to apply the paint. It was fun!