Coolest Homemade Smurfette, Brainy and Handy Smurf Costumes

These were our homemade Smurfette, Brainy and Handy Smurf costumes.

Items needed for these costumes were:
– white winter caps
– 3 pairs of long thermal underpants
– 1 pack of big and tall white socks
– blue long sleeve shirt
– blue stretch gloves
– 2 tubes of blue paint per person
– one fake sunflower
– black plastic eyeglasses.

Smurfette actually had on blue stockings to complete her blue look. Using the long-sleeved blue shirts and stretch blue gloves, found in the women’s section of Walmart, saved us from painting our arms and hands. I wore two pairs of thermal pants to make sure that I stayed warm. I also stuffed my hat with an old shirt to make it stand up taller. Handy Smurf wore his tool belt which he often uses to work on house projects.

Most of the items we had at home so we did not spend a lot of money. It only took 30 minutes to put on the paint. Before we went to the party, we put our big, tall socks over our shoes to complete the outfit.

The only annoying thing was that, toward the end of the party, our face paint started to crack but, for the money we had spent, it didn’t matter. It was a great budget-friendly group costume. We got lots of compliments at the party.