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Coolest Homemade Slush Puppie Costume

My homemade Slush Puppie costume consisted of two parts: the Slush Puppie and the Slush Cup.

For the first part, I needed a blue hat with a white cotton ball glued onto the top with fabric glue. I wore a blue sweatshirt with a large ‘S’ cut out of white felt and glued to the front of the shirt. I put on blue shorts, white tights and white gloves; I wrapped faux fur around my hair to create “dog ears”. Fur for the shoes can be safety-pinned or sewn on.

I used white cream makeup and black liquid eyeliner for the face design, painted my nose black, put black dots on my cheeks, glitter makeup on my eyes and finished off with gloss on my lips.

For the Slush Cup, I took one big sheet of white construction board. This may need to be cut down to a comfortable size. I cut two holes in it to hold onto the cup. I then copied the logo of the slush puppie, colored it in with markers and glued the picture to the cup. If you decide to download and attach a colored picture to both sides of the cup, staple the sides of both pieces together, to secure the cup, and make a straw out of leftover paper, taping it on the inside.

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