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Coolest Homemade Skunk Flower Costume

The picture attached is of my step daughter, Tayce of Gaston, SC.
She wanted to be a Skunk for Halloween, so I made her a homemade skunk costume and you can call her “Flower” (from the movie Bambi).

This Skunk Flower Costume was easily made out of a black hood sweatshirt and pants, white fur fur and hand sewed on for easy removal so sweatshirt pant set stays in intact after use.

You will need:
Black hooded Sweatshirt & pant set
White fur fur for strip down the back, tail
(also great to use to fill the tail)
A child size small black belt
Black fluff/fleece material
Wire hanger
Black and white thread to hand sew
Halloween make up
Safety pin to close gap from zipper to chin to make the hood a snugged fit.
Optional: to add ‘Pink’ Flowers.

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Skunk Flower Costume”

  1. Tayce is the sweetest little Skunk. And the costume is very creative. I’m proud of you. Tayce’s Step GrandMother. Tacye is a very special girl.

  2. I am Tayce aka “Flower” in the picture above her step mother, I meant to also include on the list to have white furr furr for the tummy as well.
    P.S. The comment above was from my mother, she meant to say “Tayce’s step mom not step grandmother”, ha ha.
    Anyway, THANK YOU for stopping by to view Tayce’s picture!!
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all!!!

  3. Nice work, both of you. And you too Dad! Don’t y’all stink so? Tayce Lae, weren’t you just a different kind of ‘flower girl’ just a couple of weeks ago? Love, Grampa Larry “Big Stinker”


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