Coolest Homemade Skeleton Costume

The year my daughter wanted a Skeleton Costume, I was not impressed at all with the store costumes as it involved more cheesey glow in the dark stuff instead of anything even coming close to real. Instead I purchased black sweats, 1/2 a yard of white material, some stitchery witch, a white knit hat, black knit gloves, white fabric paint and facepaint.

Using a template from the internet, I made a pattern and cut the bones out of the white material. I did this for front and back. Using the stichery witch I ironed the pieces onto the sweats to make up the main part of the costume.

Using the fabric paint, I painted hand and finger bones onto the black gloves.

We tucked her hair into the white hat and painted her face. Her costume turned out great and she was the envy at school, even among the other skeletons, because she was the only one to have bones on the backside of her costume.

Total cost: $30

Homemade Skeleton Costume

5 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Skeleton Costume”

  1. I really appreciate that you included the total cost of this project and that you did the back of the costume as well. Hope mine turns out as spooky

  2. What a fab costume – it looks great. I love the bones on the back too, as the ones in the shops are just plain black on the back. I might have a go at this if I’m feeling confident tomorrow! I also think the white hat looks really effective,
    thanks for inspiring me!

  3. My daughter wants to be a skeleton as well. Your idea for the back of the costume is very good.

    The only things I would change is I would get sweats with a hood instead of the hat.

    Also I would add (oversized) black socks with painted skeleton feet as shoe covers.

    Thank you for posting your idea!

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