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Coolest Homemade Size Small Record Costume

I usually spend a good few months before Halloween deciding on a good costume idea. I came across a video of the old show “Size Small”. The show was a puppet show in the 80’s where, on every episode, a giant record would put on a music record and dance with the spoons. I was immediately transported back to my childhood and realized the record was a perfect costume idea. I can’t sew very well so I asked my friend to help me put it together. We found some felt for the material and some tubing to keep it’s shape.

I was so so happy with how it turned out! On Halloween night, while out enjoying the night festivities, people were stopping me on the street amazed by the Homemade Size Small Record Costume, even if they never saw the show! People who did see the show as a kid were filled with nostalgia and very impressed with the costume and the delivery of the idea. This Halloween costume was my best one so far!

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  1. Hi, I too am planning on dressing up as Friend Record from Size Small this Halloween and am wondering how you made it? I have felt and tubing but am unsure of how to attach the two felt pieces together as well as how to attach them to the tubing. Any clues would be appreciated!


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