Coolest Homemade Shrek Costume

My son wanted to be Shrek, and at the time their weren’t any Shrek costumes out there. So being crafty I decided ‘homemade’ is always better. I found some green t-shirt material and some brown cotton material and some dark brown velvet and started to sew.

For this homemade Shrek costume I made a hood using two square pieces of fabric. Sew along one side and across top. Leave two sides open to create a hood. Hem edge and attach Velcro on bottom, to close the neck opening. I then cut out two triangles of plastic out of an ice cream container lid. I cut out four triangles of green cloth the same size as plastic triangles and sewed together around triangular pieces of plastic. I molded the triangle into a cone shape and attached to sides of hood.

I made the shirt from brown material, by laying my son down and drawing an outline around him. And cut out leaving a half-inch allowance around outline. I then sewed the outline and hemmed the bottom and sleeves. I made a vest using dark brown velvet and made the pants using same material using a regular pair of pants as a guide.

You could just use a lite brown or tan shirt. A dark brown vest and dark brown pants if you have them. I made a belt out of left over material. Any fabric belt would do. Do end off the homemade Shrek costume, color your child’s hands and face using green facepaint.