Coolest Homemade She-Ra and He-Man Couple Costume

I grew up watching these classic Saturday morning cartoons while I played with my He-man and She-Ra action figures! When I discovered that these costumes weren’t sold in any stores, I was excited because I knew we wouldn’t likely run into anyone else wearing the same costumes.

I made my She-Ra head piece out of foam board, which I drew out, then cut out and glued to the center piece. I cut a stretchy blonde-colored headband in half and tied it to the ends of the headpiece to ensure it stayed on my head. I found the white top and bottoms at the thrift store, used various pieces from old costumes (my cape was from the skirt of an old Beer Maid costume).

I used spray paint and vinyl for The He-Man vest, as well as my arm bands (which I have just realized you can’t see in this photo), neck band and bodice design. The swords were made from a wooden rod, cardboard, and duck tape.

It took me nearly three months to collect all the pieces to make this Homemade She-Ra and He-Man Couple Costume, cut out, paint and create, but it was well worth it when I got to transform into my childhood hero for a night!

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