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Coolest Homemade Shadow Priest in Dreadmist Costume

My husband wanted to be a Shadow Priest from World of Warcraft in the old school Dread Mist set. So, we showed my mom a picture of the full set and off to work she went on this Homemade Shadow Priest in Dreadmist Costume. We bought the cheapy broadcloth and she just kinda whipped it out.

The skulls on the skirt front she just looked at the picture and drew it out on paper, then copied it over to the fabric, cut it out, and glued it on. For the hands and shoulder pieces, we bought cheap skeleton gloves and masks, respectively, and added the matching fabric on. The headpiece was made with foam and a plain ole headband.

For the blanked out front, we bought black veily chiffon stuff. I think it looks cool and that she did a great job. Ignore me, however. Mine was a throw-together. I decided I was a Blood Elf NPC *shrugs*. It worked for the ball we went to and drew a lotta looks and comments!

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