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Coolest Homemade Sexy Buzz Lightyear Costume

A sexy take on a classic character! I made my very own Buzz Lightyear costume complete with hand painted corset top and retractable wings. That’s right, my wings actually work! I rewired some kids toy wings into my corset; hit the button on the front of the corset and the wings go in and out complete with lights and sound. I also added a laser pointer into my glove to act as my “ray gun” just like Buzz Lightyear would have.

The top began with a white store bought corset that I painted with soft fabric paint. This is different from “puff” fabric paint and actually allowed me to mix colors creating shadows and highlights to make it look more realistic. I finished off the costume with a pair of shorts, white fishnets and white heels.

The entire costume probably cost me around $80 when completed (not including the shoes) but has been more than worth it given the response. Definitely my favorite costume ever. To infinity and beyond!

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Sexy Buzz Lightyear Costume”

  1. This is super cute! A funny idea and it’s sexy, not slutty like a lot of girls these days. Bet you win a TON of costume contests!

  2. As the post says, I bought the wings in the toy section at Target. I then did some work unscrewing the back and wiring the wings (which had a button that connected to a front panel that I removed) through the corset so they worked when you hit the button. I’m unsure if they still sell these wings or not. Before finding them I was going to make some, but found them instead.


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