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Coolest Homemade Senior Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

Having been born on Halloween I decided to join in the work dress up contest. My son had created a wig (which I previously posted) and I decided I would use it to be the Senior Lady Gaga.

The wig was constructed using human hair which was colored at the ends, a stocking cap, tulle, a feather and hot glue gun. The hair was applied in a circular pattern around the stocking cap and the tulle and feather were hot glued in place. The hair was then curled and styled accordingly.

For the homemade Senior Lady Gaga Halloween costume I purchased a dress at a vintage shop for $10 because of the color and glitz (keep in mind that at my age, we were not doing lace and bikini wear). I found plastic 45 rpm records that I was going to use to re-decorate one of our rooms. I took one of the records and glued it on to an elastic belt. I inserted shoulder pads on the inside of the dress with the glue gun and then glued records on to the shoulders of the dress.

I had a fake fur piece laying around from an old sweater. I glued it to create a V-shape and wear as a neck piece. Large netted arm warmers, a glitzy microphone, glasses, bird lips and thigh highs completed the outfit. I accessorized with jewelry on the wrists.

As I made my grand entrance no one at work would have thought that I would be coming out as a Senior Gaga Impersonator. The contest was won, many laughs were to be had and good times that could not be replicated (til next year that is). One of my best put together, and not expensive costume ideas.

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