Coolest Homemade Scorpion Costume

This is my take on the original Scorpion Costume from the popular fighting game Mortal Kombat. I had been looking for a version of the original costume all over Southern California and no costume stores carry the adult version.

The yellow tunic and belt were sewn from quilted yellow fabric and the borders are black bias tape sewn along the edge and the shoulders as well. The mask is a wire mesh paintball design that was purchased from eBay and covered in the same quilted yellow fabric. The pants are from an authentic Ninja gi as are the tabi boots, gauntlets and the hood. The black leather belt and skull belt buckle were purchased from eBay. The body armor is youth soccer shin guards for the arms and adult soccer shin guards for the legs. They were painted using Krylon Yellow spray paint designed specifically for plastic.

This Homemade Scorpion Costume would not have come together as well as it did if it it were not for the sewing skills of my lovely and talented wife, Dena.

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