Coolest Homemade Scary Jack in the Box Costume

Since everyone is afraid of clowns, I decided to make a giant, scary, Homemade Scary Jack in the Box Costume. The box is just a frame that is surrounded in material. It also has wheels for portability.

Jack (me) can stand up high in the box on stands inside or go down low in the box to move it around. The box also has a large handle like one you would see on a real Jack-in-the box. Also, the lid is opened in the back. The box also has music and flashing lights around it.

The body of the clown is made from a kids tunnel and covered with material. Matching material is used on the upper body of myself so that it all looks as one body. When standing on the stands inside the box, the clown (me) is up about 8’6″ high.

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