Coolest Homemade Scarecrow Boy Costume

My son decided he wanted a Scarecrow Boy Costume for a Halloween party. We purchased a hat from the store, used long hay like material and taped inside the rim of hat. We used an old pair of tan pants and flannel shirt. We put the hay stuff in the shirt pocket and also taped it on the inside ends of shirt sleeves and also pants ends.

Took two old dish clothes, one red and white, one green and white, cut each in four squares. We pinned a red and white and green and white square turned as diamond shape overlapping onto right bottom pant leg and did the same on the left top pant leg and the same on the middle shirt right side. Shoved plastic bags in the shirt to make him looked stuffed and tied a red bandanna around his collar of shirt.

I painted his face whitish, put a smile in black and rose cheeks!