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Coolest Homemade Salt and Pepper Halloween Costume

What 10 month old wants to wear a big clunky costume? None I know. So I wanted something comfortable and easy for my twins to wear and I didn’t have the money to go buy a store costume at $20 each. So I made this Homemade Salt and Pepper Halloween Costume.

I already had white and black sweatsuits for them. Then I bought a small sheet of white felt and black felt and cut out an “S” and a “P.” I took fabric glue and glued on the letters. The best part is once you wash them, the glue wears off so they could wear the sweatsuits again later! Plus they look so freaking cute! (And it works for girls or boys.)

They were the talk of the town on Halloween with all our friends, family and neighbors. Everyone is wondering what they will be next year. Maybe milk and cookies, ketchup and mustard, cop and robber, dog and cat? The possibilities are endless for homemade costumes!

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  1. LOVE your idea! I’ve tried to find sweatsuits for my 9 month old twins and can’t seem to find them. Where did you get yours? Thanks for posting!


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