I made this homemade salad bowl original Halloween costume for my boyfriend, James, and it was a big hit at a Halloween party that we had attended this year. He was a salad bowl, and I was spaghetti and meatballs.

Materials used to make this homemade salad bowl original Halloween costume:

For the large salad bowl, I used a cardboard box large enough to loop around the body and rest on the shoulders and stomach. I then lined each side of the cardboard with contact paper for the ‘wooden bowl’ look. This contact paper is available at Home Depot for about $7.

The large salad utensils were made from two long wrapping paper rolls. Card board cut outs that resembled the tip of a fork and spoon were attached to one end of each roll. They were covered with the remaining contact paper.

The lettuce was made with different shades of crumpled green tissue paper that I taped along the sides of the bowl; red balloons were used for the cherry tomatoes; colored foam paper, felt, and poster board were the carrot pieces, egg slices, red bell peppers, black olives, onions, and cucumbers. The egg and cucumbers were made by layering colored pieces of felt and foam paper together. I affixed all these pieces to the green tissue paper with double-sided tape and craft glue.

The lettuce hat was made with left over tissue paper and extra veggie pieces.

The total cost of this homemade salad bowl original Halloween costume was no more than $25.