Coolest Homemade Russell Costume

Materials needed:

Yellow polo shirt
Brown shorts
Orange bandana
White baseball cap (spray-painted yellow) ($2 from fabric store)
Felt for cap logo
Brown fabric for sash
Foam sheets, multiple colors for badges

For his school Halloween party, our son wanted to be Russell from the movie “Up.” So for our Homemade Russell Costume we took a yellow polo shirt and paired it with brown shorts. We couldn’t find a yellow baseball cap anywhere so we fabric spray-painted a white one and added the logo in felt.

We didn’t have to buy most of the materials for this costume but they wouldn’t be too expensive if you needed to find them. The bandana is taken from an old orange t-shirt we had, cut into smaller triangle and secured with a wooden bead. The sash was taken from an old adult-sized brown t-shirt, wrapped around his body, and secured so it wouldn’t slip off his shoulder.

The merit badges were so much fun to make. I took the lid from a milk bottle and use that as my pattern. I cut out 29 different colored disks out of foam sheets and hot-glued them to the brown sash. I used miscellaneous stickers we had and put them on each merit badge. In the 30th spot, we took a bottle cap and attached it to a safety pin to make the “Elly badge” from the movie. We printed out a grape soda logo from the internet and glued it to the bottle cap.

This was the cutest costume and super comfortable for him to wear at school.

TOTAL TIME: 2 hours