Coolest Homemade Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume

This Homemade Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume was hard work but I am certainly pleased with the end result! I used the black poster board and formed three rectangular boxes. The bottom layer had no base but had four right angle corners leaving enough room for me to fit into it. It was held up on my shoulders by suspenders that I made out of string. This bottom piece acted as the base and the next two layers rested upon this foundation.

The middle section had enough room to fit my body but also had four right angle corners; so when it was spun it looked real and had no gaps. The top layer then rested upon the middle and had a missing “piece” from the cube to fit my head. I then cut colored construction paper into identical squares and glued them on. The middle and top layer were able to be spun as the rested on the bottom layer. This was just like a real Rubik’s cube only easier to solve!

I made this costume out of the following:
Hard black poster board
Construction paper
Lots and lots of tape
Thick string
Exacto knife

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