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Coolest Homemade Rocky and Bullwinkle Costume

This was my cheap and easy Rocky and Bullwinkle costume. All I did for Rocky was buy an Amelia Earhart head gear and spray painted it blue. I also wore swimming goggles for my pilot’s eyewear. I then made took a long gray sock and stuffed it with other socks to make my tail.

The scarf came from a Salvation Army store and I simply painted on whiskers and wore all grey clothing. One of the most important parts was the teeth. I used bunny teeth, but be careful because you can cut up your mouth pretty good with them. Bullwinkle was easy, because all you had to do was dress in brown and wear a moose hat. This costume was very mobile and didn’t cover up my face, so everyone still knew who I was.

Everyone knew who we were when we were together, but beware when separated for questions about the costume.

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