Cool Homemade Robot Halloween Costume Idea

This homemade robot Halloween costume idea was based on a 1950’s genre. I have included a small box on the front of the robot with a voice changer to make me sound like a robot and many sound effects.

There were several lights all over my robot costume. On the top I have a bowl filled with a drink, I had a long tube run through to the inside so that I could drink the drink. On the side of my costume I had a round tube filled with my soda and another long tube run into the inside of my costume so I could also drink that.

It took me about a month to put together this homemade robot costume together, and about one hundred dollars. I used; a big carpet tube as the main body, a laundry basket, card board, metal duct work, a glass bowl, lights, a voice changer, and a few other small things.

Homemade Robot Halloween Costume Idea