Cute Homemade Robot Costume for a Child

We followed directions provided on this website to create our son’s very cool robot costume.  His costume was such a hit that he led the elementary school Halloween parade, which was a big thrill for him.

The costume is made using a Sterilite storage bin that we drilled holes in with a dremel tool, spray-painted metallic silver, and decorated with photo paper images of various gauges.  We added bling with battery-operated string lights, safety lights and decals.  We used a bleach bottle for a hat, adding duct tape, reflectors, and a battery-operated light on the top.  Arms were covered in dryer venting connected with cable ties.  Legs were also covered with dryer venting.

To make the shoulders more comfortable, we cut and slit pipe insulation and added it to the neck opening.  Our last name is Hall, so we had fun naming our robot  “Hall-E”.