The body and head of this homemade robot boy costume are made from cardboard boxes then wrapped with art paper to make the silver chrome paint more metallic. Head has a construction helmet (we duct taped the helmet in) making the inside fitted to head, eyes are plastic cups painted silver with lights inserted, mouth cut out covered with a black stocking, ears are cardboard cut outs with a blue reflector with coat hangers and a green foam ball tip.

On the body – Meter on the front made from scrapbook paper cut to triangles (to form half circle), gauges are just circles. We used clock hands as the working parts of the gauges and meter. These are attached with brads painted silver.

Lights on the body are LED and chain connected with a push button at left shoulder (you could also just use small reflectors). Meter lights are chain wired and connected to the emergency switch on the back. The battery pack is 6, 9-volt batteries with 20 feet of wire.

The control panel is made with a piece of cardboard and art paper, spray-painted silver and attached to robot with silver painted brads (to mimic rivets) the buttons are reflectors. The words on the robot are all scrapbooking letter stickers.

The arms and legs are silver dryer vent hoses. The arms are connected with silver duct tape on the inside arm holes. Legs are sewn to old shorts with fishing line. Shoes were canvas slip on shoes. We found ours at family dollar and they light up. We spray painted them silver also. If you find white you could just dye them. We looked for silver mittens but could not locate them in TX that would’ve been a great added feature.