Coolest Homemade Robin Costume

My son (5 years old) dreamed of being Batman for Halloween.  He also dreamed of  having Robin as his sidekick, but when older sister backed out – it was left to dear old dad to save the day.  With little time (5 days) and a little budget, around $20, we compiled this amazing, if I say so myself, adult Robin costume!  I can’t wait to share with you how we did it!

After one quick trip to the local Dollar store, I had everything we needed to complete this outfit –  even the shoes!  Green felt, yellow foam, yellow dish washing gloves and a yellow party tablecloth.  Seriously, how much money is that?  Like $7.00??  Anyhow, the most expensive part was buying the green shorts (cheerleader shorts, the local school is green and white)  HAHAHAHA!!

So, down to business.  The undershirt is a green t-shirt that we already had.  The vest is a button down collared dress shirt that we ripped the sleeves out of and trimmed the bottom to make it shorter.  The “R” is cut from yellow foam and glued to black felt that is then hot glued to the shirt.  A stretchy belt out of my own closet with a yellow foam buckle attached to the front, green cheerleader shorts, rubber gloves to protect against Joker’s evil attacks and green felt strategically hot glued to an old pair of tennis shoes.

The mask was honestly the most difficult part.  For the life of us we could not figure out how to place the eye holes.  At one point his nose was shining through.  HA.  We finally got it right, by cutting them small and gradually increasing the size until he could see.  We cut a circle in the yellow table cloth for his cape and slapped a fake wig on his head from the Halloween aisle.  They were the HIT of the Halloween carnival and my son was SO proud of his and his dad’s costumes.  Total strangers were taking their pictures, it was great!

I know my son’s costume is store bought, but hey, you gotta do whatya gotta do!