Cool DIY Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume

I got the inspiration for this Homemade Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume from this site where I checked out other homemade Rainbow Brite costumes.

I found a royal blue dress at K-mart. It was a little more conservative with the turtleneck but that was fine since I wore it to my office. I bought my supplies at Hobby Lobby. I purchased several pieces of craft fur and pasted them on the bottom of the dress with liquid stitch and then did a little sewing on them to make sure they would stay put.

I made the belt and suspenders with glittery red pieces felt that I sewed together. I attached the straps to the belt piece with Velcro so it was all one piece. I made the rainbow belt buckle with different colored pieces of craft foam that was sticky on one side which allowed me to paste each piece onto the other and for the entire rainbow to stick to the belt.

I used a pre-cut foam star yellow star for the belt buckle too. The yellow piece across the top was felt that already had a sticky surface on the back side and I glued some red stars onto it. I purchased the rainbow knee socks and arm warmers at Claire’s along with a rainbow headband, earrings, and ring. My friend loaned me some cute red shoes to wear. I went this route instead of making boots. I work in the office area of a factory and have to go out to the production floor occasionally during the day. This way it was easier to change shoes from the red ones to my steel toes instead of wearing boots.

I bought a blond curly wig at the grocery store in the Halloween section. I have short hair and I thought the ringlets would look cute. The last thing I added was a star sticker to my cheek.

My Homemade Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume was a hit and really fun to make. This is the most homemade costume I have ever made. I will definitely make my costumes from now on!!