Coolest DIY Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume

I loved Rainbow Brite when I was a child. I love sewing and have a two year old daughter and four year old son so I am always making stuff for this. Last year I decided to make my daughter a Homemade Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume. It was absolutely perfect.

The entire costume was handmade. I even hand drafted the pattern for the dress. We ended up going to a costume party at my son’s school and my daughter won 1st place! I used fabric remnants for the dress and the white fur trim.

The rainbow on the front was hand sculpted out of clay and the leggings were originally women’s socks that I converted to leg warmers. The bow was also made by me. I even handpainted a pair of white canvas shoes with red paint.

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  1. That is amazing!!

    I would love to buy this off you if available!

    Laura dot dawn dot silvestri at gmail dot com

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