Coolest Rainbow Brite DIY Costume

For my 28th birthday, I decided to have a ’80s cartoon’ theme. Rainbow Brite was one of my favourite cartoons from the 80’s so it made sense that I wanted to recreate the look for my birthday. I was quite disappointed that the ‘ready made’ outfits seem to cater more for strippers rather than people who love all things 80’s so I decided to make the Homemade Rainbow Brite Costume myself. Can’t be that difficult surely?

Considering I have NO sewing skills whatsoever, it was quite a task but I managed it! If I can do it,you can too! I bought a blue dress from eBay, a blue tutu from eBay, coloured felt for the boots and arm bands, red ribbon for the braces, lilac ribbon for my hair, white fur trim for boots and dress hem, gold material stars (all from a craft shop)and borrowed a sewing machine. I printed a picture of Rainbow Brite to use as a guide.

The armbands and boot felt was sewn into tubes then pulled inside out to conceal the stitching. I then measured these round my arms sewed them onto a long sleeve black top which I wore underneath the dress. I measured the boot strips round a pair of knee high platform boots and stitches them all together, topped with a white fur trim.

The rest is fairly self explanatory, sewed the ribbon onto the dress to look like braces, used scrap felt to make the rainbow belt buckly, scrap yellow and red felt to make the yellow trim with red stars at the neckline.

For finishing touches, I blow dried my hair and then used curlers in the ends to re-create the bouffant hair plus curled ends and tied it up in a high ponytail with my fringe out. I also used brown make up to paint on freckles and lilac make up to do the star on my cheekbone.

Everyone commented on how great my costume was (although quite a few people had no idea who Rainbow Brite was!!).