Who doesn’t remember everyone’s favorite childhood game- Candyland? My best friend and I wanted to be our favorite characters from the game, which meant getting creative to come up with the Homemade Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly from Candyland Couple Costumes (since these are not costumes you can find in any store.)

For my costume, Queen Frostine, I found a royal blue gown and bought some white taffeta to stitch on to create the right look. I also purchased a blue wig and the perfect crown, to which I attached a hand-drawn Candyland logo.

The staff was the most complicated part of this costume. I used some cardboard (an old shoebox actually), covered each side with wallpaper (to make sure it was smooth), drew the pattern, and cut it out with an exacto knife. I then painted it, attached some blue gems and a light-up snowflake in the middle, and attached it to a blue spray-painted broom handle with some wire and epoxy.

For Princess Lolly, my friend found a perfect yellow dress at a thrift store and used felt, ribbon, and fabric glue to create the lollipops. We also purchased a children’s princess crown, to which we epoxied 5 lollipops and added a Candyland logo.

Add a purple wig, purple tights, and gold flats and she was good to go!

These costumes were so much fun and original and we were surprised at how many people actually recognized us!