Coolest Homemade Queen Amidala Costume

Here is my Homemade Queen Amidala Costume. Made with love, passion and realism. Each item was reproduced with high quality items. The character has been studied in detail, on all sides for an exact reproduction. Movie, punctures and figurines were examined repeatedly. Hard work was done during several nights. Only rifles and belt have been purchased and are original Star Wars item. The cape was made by hand. The sweaters are cut where it was torn in the movie (note the cuts on the back that have been reproduced) The boots are just boots (bought for this purpose) and decorated with a ‘hood’ I did (take a look at the details of boots).

I did everything to find a reflective material to make rings around the arms. Even the haircut was done in small braids, which were wrapped (hard to see from the photos because of my black hair) Also note that the two guns are funny sounds.

The most important thing in all this is that I had a lot of fun, both to produce and to wear this suit and the result was worth the hours of work.

Also note the photo montage similar to one of the film’s official poster, which was also done by me.


(Sorry if my English is not perfect!)

Homemade Queen Amidala Costume

Homemade Queen Amidala Costume

Homemade Queen Amidala Costume