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Coolest Homemade Purse Costume

A lot of thought and engineering went into my first of many homemade costumes for my girls. I am a father of 2 girls that is currently laid off from work. My wife received a sewing machine for her birthday this year. Being that I am a power tool fanatic I quickly picked up on how to use the machine. I asked my children what they want to be for Halloween and my oldest replied “A Pocketbook”. Having a degree in design I quickly ran to my computer where I began modeling a scaled Homemade Purse Halloween Costume with the right dimensions to fit my daughter.

From the model on the computer I made a paper template, gathered my materials from things we had in the basement and attic and started constructing what I and many others agree is the cutest pocketbook ever. The costume is made of fabric with a different material for the inside, leather bottom and leather straps. I used household romex wire to keep the straps up and cut the front of the purse to show change, gum and a hairbrush.

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