For Halloween, I decided to theme our family as Pirates. My husband and I were dressed as pirates and our 2 year old son was the parrot. The costumes I found were very unoriginal and bland. I decided to take the costume into my own hands and had so much fun doing it!  The costume itself was very easy and quick. I purchased a red hoodie, orange felt for the beak, eyes, tights, and 2 multi- colored boas (arms and tail) and 1 red boa.

The red boa was simply wrapped around the hoodie and sewn into the body in multiple locations to secure. I sewed a few strips of the multi- colored on to the arms and let a  few hang from the back to create a tail. Then, on top of the hood, I glued the eyes and sewed the beak. Simple as that! I did buy Dr Seuss Converse shoes to add to the fun. He was an absolute hit! People loved how puffy he was and that his feathers just bounced around as he would run up to their doors.