Coolest Homemade Princess Peach Costume

To make the dress for my Princess Peach costume, I looked over many pictures of her online and noticed that her dress resembled a standard princess dress . So I bought a pattern for a Disney princess dress and then modified it into a likeness of Peach’s dress.

I started with the pattern and bought the suggested material and some additional dark pink material to add to the bottom of the dress. I cut the pattern out and stitched together the skirt part of the dress first, adding a large band of the darker pink color to the bottom of the dress. I stitched the bodice and modified the neckline.

I purchased a large bathroom tile sample and
outlined it in gold molding clay, baked it and then used Velcro to attach it to the front of the dress. I used a petticoat under the dress to give it a bit more flair. I wore elbow-length white gloves.

For the crown, I purchased a French flower bucket and used tin snips to first cut a zig-zag pattern on the widest part of the bucket and then to cut out the bottom of the bucket. I then sanded off the jagged edges on the bottom. I Gorilla-Glued some clips to the bottom of the crown so that I could attach it to the wig. I bought some sample bathroom tiles in red and blue, put gold molding clay around the tiles, baked them to harden it and then glued them on the crown (red on front and back, blue on the sides).

I bought a blonde wig as Peach has blonde hair. With some extra tiles I had bought, I made blue round stone earrings.